Chadwick Shores - Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

Gate Information
The Community of Chadwick Shores

Key facts concerning the operation of the gates:

  1. Both entrance and exit gates will be closed during hours specified by the Chadwick Shores Board of Directors. The hours of closing may change based upon season, day of the week, security concerns, and special circumstances.

  2. When the entrance gate is closed you will press the hash tag symbol (#) followed by your individual homeowner 4 digit access code on the keypad at the entrance gate to open the gate.

  3. The exit gate opens automatically by sensors in the roadway. The exit gate opens inward (toward a waiting vehicle) which requires that any vehicle waiting to exit be positioned behind the white line at the exit gate.

  4. Emergency or yelp sirens activated for three seconds will automatically activate the entrance gate opening mechanism.

  5. Please drive slowly through the entrance and exit gates. These are blind areas with no visibility as to what is behind the gate walls. If a vehicle is parked at the front gate, assume that people are working around the gate and be mindful.

Opening the Gate

  • The system contains access codes that have been randomly generated and assigned to homeowners/property owners in Chadwick Shores. Every homeowner should know their access code. If you do not have an access code or do not remember it, contact the suggestion box at to request your code. Individual access code should be safeguarded and not passed out to friends, workers, delivery drivers, or other individuals visiting you within the subdivision.

  • To open the gate, enter the hash tag and your four digit access code, for example - #1234. Please press each key slowly to ensure that the keystroke is recognized. Once your code is recognized, you will hear an audible sound and see the word "open" displayed on the keypad screen. The entrance gate will automatically close behind you.

Guest Communications: Providing Gate Access from your Home

  • Our access control system is equipped with a telephone entry system that will provide voice communication for your guest from the entrance key pad to your home by use of the local telephone network. This option is only available if you have provided Premiere Management Company (our property management company) with a valid phone number and instructed them to put your name in the directory. If provided, the homeowner's name and telephone number is programmed into the telephone entry system.

  • When guest(s) come to visit a homeowner, they can can look up the homeowner's name in a directory by using the arrow keys on the keypad to scroll up or down. Once they have found the homeowner's name they will view on the same line the owner's directory number. The guest(s) will then enter that number in the keypad preceded by the hash tag (for example, #011). The entry of the directory number in the keypad will cause the homeowner's designated phone to ring.

  • When the homeowner answers the phone, they will be able to communicate with the guest(s) for a short time (90 seconds maximum). To grant access to the guest(s), the homeowner enters nine (9) on their touch-tone phone. This will open the gate for the guest(s). If the caller is unrecognized or the homeowner does not want to grant the caller access to the community, the homeowner simply hangs up their phone.


  • The homeowner's telephone number is not displayed on the keypad. A telephone number can be stored in the system without a homeowner's name being displayed in the directory. If the homeowner chooses this option, he/she will need to inform any visiting guest(s) of the homeowner's individual three-digit directory number. Otherwise, the homeowner will not have a method of granting access to a guest(s) through the telephone entry system.

Exiting Chadwick Shores when the Exit Gate is Closed

  • Exiting the subdivision is automatic and no code is required. The exit gate automatically opens INWARD when a vehicle pulls up to the white line at the exit gate. If you do not stop at the white line and proceed closer to the gate, a sensor will be activated that will stop the gate/keep the gate from opening. The exit gate will close automatically behind you after you pass through the gate.

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